About Us

Real Prop Funding is committed to nurturing the potential of skilled and experienced traders, guiding them towards securing a funded account with our firm. We recognize that achieving success in the financial realm necessitates both adequate capital and a meticulously crafted strategy. With this understanding, our mission has crystallized – to identify and empower astute traders, granting them the opportunity to generate substantial income. We extend a helping hand, propelling them closer to financial independence.

Meet The Team

At the helm of Real Prop Firm stands Joe, a seasoned trader with an extensive track record in the financial markets. Drawing from his firsthand industry knowledge, Joe spearheads a comprehensive suite of trading services, encompassing education, mentorship and machine learning applications. Under Joe’s astute guidance, Real Prop Funding has charted a robust short-and long-term strategic roadmap. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping the company’s identity and propelling its mission forward.
Joe Pena
Kush Mathow is a 19 year old trader and entrepreneur who has been trading the financial markets for over 4 years. He has been featured in Entrepreneur and Yahoo Finance at the young age of 16 years old for his success in start up businesses. His expertise in financial markets lies in stock options, equities and futures as he trades on a daily basis. Kush has amassed large success in Commercial Real Estate as well.
Kush Mathow
R. Coutinho is a seasoned day trader with over a decade of experience in the financial markets. He specializes in trading futures, commodities, and options, seizing opportunities as they arise. His expertise extends to stocks as well, demonstrating his versatile understanding of the financial landscape. Beyond trading, R. Coutinho actively invests in real estate, engaging in both flips and long-term holdings. This passion for diversification highlights his strategic approach to building wealth. Driven by a desire to empower others, R. Coutinho also mentors individuals, guiding them through the intricacies of the stock and futures markets. He leverages his knowledge and experience to equip aspiring traders with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.
R. Coutinho

What We Do

Empowering Talented Traders with Realistic Opportunities The Real Prop Funding team comprises a collective of seasoned traders, intimately familiar with the criteria for achieving realistic outcomes. We firmly believe that generating and sustaining the exceptionally high returns demanded by other prop firms is unrealistic. Consequently, our team has meticulously developed a unique model that we are confident will provide traders of all stripes with a tangible chance of becoming a Real Prop Trader.

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