Two Challenges One Path to Success

Unlock your trading potential with two distinct challenge paths, whether you prefer a streamlined single-phase evaluation or a more comprehensive two-phase assessment, we offer both to help you achieve your trading goals.

Craft Your Trading Profile

At Real Prop Funding, we believe that trading success should be a personalized journey, and that’s why we offer you the opportunity to craft your trading profile. With us, you have the freedom to choose between two distinctive challenge paths, each designed to match your unique trading style and goals. For those who seek a fast track to their trading aspirations, our Single Phase Challenge provides a streamlined route. In this option, you’ll embark on a single, comprehensive evaluation phase. If you prefer a more in depth assessment to refine your trading skills, our Two Phase Challenge is tailored for you. This comprehensive journey is divided into two distinct phases.

Tailor Your Program

Empower yourself to create a truly personalized trading experience that aligns perfectly with your distinct preferences and strategies, allowing you to trade with confidence and precision.

No Consistency Rule

Real Prop Funding allow our traders to manage their accounts using their style and approach!

Scale up to $5,000,000

Put your profitability to the test with Real Prop Funding and periodically increase your account initial balance.

Best Drawdown Percentage in the industry

On our 2-Step evaluation, we allow you to practice maximum flexibility with your trading.

News Trading Allowed

Do not let news releases hold you back from a beautiful setup when trading through Real Prop Funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initiate Virtual Payout After 14 Days

For the initial payout, traders have the option to request a profit withdrawal after 14 days of being funded. Subsequently, withdrawals can be made at regular intervals of every two weeks. This flexibility allows traders to decide whether to instantly withdraw their profits or let them accumulate within their account, contributing to the growth of their account balance. Traders can potentially receive up to 90% of the virtual profits generated from their funded account and can effortlessly access their earnings when desired.

Up To 90% Profit

Traders can receive up to 90% profit split on their live accounts.


Experience an easy and seamless virtual payout process.


There are up to 15 different payout options to choose from.

Lightening Fast

Lightening fast withdrawal after funding period.

Everything You’d Expect as a Regular Trader, in a Prop Firm

Trade on PurpleTrading 4 or PurpleTrading 5 with a leading multi-asset Tier 1 true STP broker, and experience the best trading environments.


RAW or All In Pricing Feeds

Choose between RAW or All-In pricing feeds depending on your trading strategy.

300+ Trading Instruments

Access a wide range of markets from Stocks, Metals, Indices to FX. We have something for everyone.

Trader-Friendly Leverage

Our standard accounts have 1:80 leverage.

Trading Platforms

Select from a pair of widely used trading platforms in the market, namely 4 (PurpleTrading 4) and 5 (PurpleTrading 5), to conduct your trades.

Lowest Spreads In The Industry

Spreads Starting From 0.0

True Market Pricing & Execution

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Join our vibrant Discord community and connect with fellow traders to share insights, stay updated on market trends, and engage in valuable discussions.