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How do you calculate the overall max drawdown for Privileged Challenges?

Maximum drawdown is the maximum your account can drawdown before you would hard breach your account.
When you open the account, your Max Drawdown is set at 9% of your starting balance. This will be static for the duration of the account.

How do you calculate the daily loss limit for Privileged Challenges?

Daily loss limit for the Privileged Challenges is calculated as below:


Permitted Daily Allowed Loss = (day starting balance) * (allowed daily drawdown percent) / 100


For example:

You start a 100k challenge and open one trade and you are still holding that trade when the day rolls over with a floating profit of $1,500. Your drawdown will be based on your day starting balance ($100,000) even though your equity is higher ($101,500). Ex:  4% of 100,000 is 4,000. Your account cannot go below 100,000 – 4,000 = 96,000.


You start a 100k challenge and open one trade and close that trade before the day ends with a loss of $1,500. Your drawdown will be based on your updated balance 98,500. Ex:  4% of 98,500 is 3,940. Your account cannot go below 98,500 – 3,940 = .

Can I use an EA?

If you intend to use trading robots (Expert Advisors – EAs), please note that if you use a third-party EA, there may be other traders who are already using the same EA and therefore exactly the same strategy. By using a third-party EA, you potentially run the risk of being denied your RPF Account if you exceed the maximum capital allocation rule.


Please note that the platform’s servers are limited to 200 orders at a time and 2000 maximum positions per day, as well as limited acceptance of server messages (orders and order modifications such as updating TP/SL and limit order updates). If your EA causes hyperactivity to a platform server, we may alert you and ask you to adjust the EA’s logic or your strategy parameters.

What is the max scaling and how does it work?

Max scaling is up to $5,000,000.


If you receive a payout of 8% or more within a 4 month period and at least 3 of those 4 months were profitable, we will increase your account size by 40% of the original account size.

For example a $100,000 account will scale up to $140,000 within the first scaling period.


Do I receive a refund after passing?

You will receive 125% of your refund back along with your first payout.

How does the profit split increase work?

You will start with a 85/15 profit split on the 2 step challenge and 80/20 with the 1 step challenge. 


To qualify for a profit split increase, you must have actively been trading your account and have received (2) payouts. 


Profit split increase will go from 85/15 to 90/10 on 2 step challenges. 


Profit split increase will go from 80/20 to 85/15 and later 90/10 on 1 step challenges.

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