Our Mission

At Real Prop Funding, we are on a mission to empower skilled traders by offering them access to our capital, allowing them to realize their full potential in the world of forex proprietary trading. We are committed to cultivating an environment where deserving traders can excel and receive the payouts they rightfully earn through their expertise and unwavering dedication.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process comprises straightforward assessments aimed at gauging a trader’s capacity to generate profitable trades through a blend of technical proficiency, discipline, and adept risk management skills.






You’re Funded



Real Prop Team

Our team is composed of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared mission, to empower your trading journey. We bring a wealth of expertise, unwavering dedication, and a deep passion for the world of forex trading.

No Consistency Rule

Real Prop Funding allow our traders to manage their accounts using their style and approach!

Scale up to $5,000,000

Put your profitability to the test with Real Prop Funding and periodically increase your account initial balance.

Best Drawdown Percentage in the industry

On our 2-Step evaluation, we allow you to practice maximum flexibility with your trading.

News Trading Allowed

Do not let news releases hold you back from a beautiful setup when trading through Real Prop Funding.

Which Platform?

Traders can either opt to trade on the platform they are comfortable with or explore a new one. We provide access to both PurpleTrading 4 and PurpleTrading 5 platforms for all our traders.

  • MetaTrader4

    4 (PurpleTrading 4) has been a popular choice for forex and CFD traders for many years. PurpleTrading 4 offers a range of advanced trading tools and features, including a wide range of technical indicators, charting tools and automated trading options through the use of EAs.

  • MetaTrader5

    5 (PurpleTrading 5) offers a more advanced and feature-rich trading platform than 4. PurpleTrading 5 is a popular choice for traders who require more advanced trading tools and access to a wider range of asset classes.

Tailor Your Program

We appreciate that every trader and trading style is different. With that in mind we offer the opportunity to customise your trading accounts at the checkout.

Initiate Virtual Payout After 14 Days

For the initial payout, traders have the option to request a profit withdrawal after 14 days of being funded. Subsequently, withdrawals can be made at regular intervals of every two weeks. This flexibility allows traders to decide whether to instantly withdraw their profits or let them accumulate within their account, contributing to the growth of their account balance. Traders can potentially receive up to 90% of the virtual profits generated from their funded account and can effortlessly access their earnings when desired.

Up To 90% Profit

Traders can receive up to 90% profit split on their live accounts.


Experience an easy and seamless virtual payout process.


There are up to 15 different payout options to choose from.

Lightening Fast

Lightening fast withdrawal after funding period.

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Join our vibrant Discord community and connect with fellow traders to share insights, stay updated on market trends, and engage in valuable discussions.