Can I use an EA? - Real Prop Funding Can I use an EA? - Real Prop Funding


  • Sep 28, 2023
  • 3:32 pm
  • 1 Min Read

Can I use an EA?

If you intend to use trading robots (Expert Advisors – EAs), please note that if you use a third-party EA, there may be other traders who are already using the same EA and therefore exactly the same strategy. By using a third-party EA, you potentially run the risk of being denied your RPF Account if you exceed the maximum capital allocation rule.


Please note that the platform’s servers are limited to 200 orders at a time and 2000 maximum positions per day, as well as limited acceptance of server messages (orders and order modifications such as updating TP/SL and limit order updates). If your EA causes hyperactivity to a platform server, we may alert you and ask you to adjust the EA’s logic or your strategy parameters.